Stand guard at the door of your mind

Hi everyone

I enjoyed a lovely brunch with a good mate of mine on the weekend. Over eggs and whatnot, we chewed the fat about many different topics of conversation, as is our way. During our catch ups, we often talk shallowly about some things and deeply about others.

One of the topics that came up this time round is the insidious effect of opening oneself up to too much information and news sources. These could be various social media sites, the main news networks in one’s country, other people, and so on and so forth!

We also spoke about how crucial it is to monitor how one feels after reading, watching or listening to certain media. If your anxiety levels rise or you start to feel fear and despondency, perhaps it’s time to step back and reflect on those feelings.

Ask yourself if there is a better way to keep up to date with what is going on in the world?

Staying informed is important and feeling passionate about what is of value to us, admirable. However, if our equilibrium is being affected on a daily basis by what we are letting algorithms decide for us, then this is not a good state to be in regularly.

Using social media in a deliberate and positive way is a great support for personal development and knowledge expansion. Being mindful of who and what we let into our minds though is a top priority to ensure emotional balance and a positive feeling about the future.

Be aware of your emotional state and pay less attention to content that has a negative effect. Choose specific and trusted sources of information that you seek out and control. Try not to scroll through endless bad news stories, it’s poison for the mind!

As Tony Robbins says, your personal reality is controlled by the information you have available to you and what you focus on. Read quality information wherever possible, follow positive people, don’t believe everything you read, and stand guard at the door of your mind.

Take care and be kind to each other

Janine x

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