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Can one person make a difference?

Hi everyone How is your existential angst today? I jest… but for many the crisis of the last few years has surfaced a sense of discomfort and anxiety about the meaning of life, as big crises often do. When life goes topsy turvy, people ask themselves questions like: • What is it all about? • […]

Life lesson

Feeling burnt out?

How are you all doing? Like many people you may be feeling a wee bit burnt out after the last couple of years. Unless of course you have bounced through everything with joy and laughter, in which case, more power to you my friends! However, I suspect that for many peeps, it has been a slog all the way through.

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Life is an adventure

The starring role in the book of your life is you……possibly with the same highs and lows as the hero or heroine who struggles against adversity, sometimes winning sometimes not. So what characters are you playing in your life story and do they still fit with who you are now?

Life lesson

Feeling stuck?

Feeling stuck in a situation whether it be a work, personal or emotional one can be frustrating. Knowing when to stay and when to go, when to hold on and when to let go can be a confusing problem. How do we know when to move on from something?

Life lesson

Stand guard at the door of your mind

As Tony Robbins says, your personal reality is controlled by the information you have available to you and what you focus on. Read quality information wherever possible, follow positive people, don’t believe everything you read, and stand guard at the door of your mind.

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Life lesson

Why do we self-sabotage?

Today, let’s talk a bit about why it’s sometimes so hard to achieve our goals, or get where we are trying to go. It’s goal-setting time for 2020, so let’s try and do things differently by letting go of any self-defeating behaviours right from the start!

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Good thinking

“Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits….” (Winnie the Pooh) Hi everyone We all have weird thoughts from time to time. I definitely do and when the neurons are really firing, anything goes in the little grey cells. Some random thoughts turn out to be good ones that boost creativity and others […]

Life lesson

Reflections about anxiety

We all need some stress to keep us on our toes but too much is damaging in all sorts of ways. Sometimes, just becoming aware of our stress is a good start. Hand in hand with stress often walks anxiety, surely an unpleasant experience almost all of us have had from time to time.

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Life lesson

The Desiderata remembered

One of my vivid childhood memories is sitting on a chair at a friend’s house and noticing on a passageway wall, a framed poster, with the poem Desiderata inscribed (the word is Latin for “things desired”). Around that time period, you could see the poem up on the walls of many houses, and I recall memorising it for some reason. It made a real impression.