Our purpose

Integro is a thoughtful personal development business inspiring you to be your best self in ways that are meaningful to you and enrich the world. We strive to achieve our purpose through sharing useful knowledge, experience, quality products and services. We are the personal growth outfit for thinkers.

‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ Socrates

How it all began …

The Integro concept is the brainchild of moi, Janine Scott, founder of the business. My journey began on the beautiful shores of Durban, South Africa and then moved to the enchanting coastline of Wellington, New Zealand. My passion is about helping people be who they want to be.

Personal tragedy cast a long shadow over my life growing up. Overcoming these challenges taught me many valuable life lessons. It motivated me to want to share these insights with other like-minded people. Why not learn from someone who can honestly say, ‘been there, done that!’

‘Integro’ is a Latin word meaning to renew, refresh, and repair. It signifies new beginnings and a replenishing of the spirit. The name represents ‘Integrity’ and ‘Growth’, concepts that form the cornerstones of the Integro vision. A perfect name for our personal growth business.

Are you looking for clear direction and inspiration?

On a practical level, we offer fun and engaging coaching and training for personal and professional development – helping you move from where you are now to where you want to be. The range of products and services has something for everyone, designed to add to your life in a holistic, balanced way. We are also a community of people who are interested in living meaningful lives through learning and personal growth.

‘Growth is the only evidence of life.’ JH Newman

Living a successful life means very different things to people and having one limiting definition of success doesn’t make sense. Our mission is to encourage you to open the door to your potential, reflect on your purpose and create a fulfilled life.

These ideas are at the heart of the Integro vision.

‘Janine always has a new and inspiring message, yet it is not highfalutin and appeals to us all. She is a real person who says it like it is. I think that’s why she resonates well with so many.’
Thora Kriel
‘Janine, your creativity is certainly flowing. I really enjoy the contemporary way you tell the wisdom borne of your life experience and study in your blog posts. The people who come to you for coaching will get such good value.’
Gloria Henderson
‘Love yourself. Life is too short for anything else. Positivity re-instilled by Integro. Think about it… you live just once…live the Integro standards.’
Rennie Pillay
‘I’ve always enjoyed Janine’s insights, wisdom and sheer passion for a life well-lived. She can always help to see a problem in a new light or an opportunity as achievable.’
Giselle McLachlan
‘I just wanted to say how beautiful your photos and inspirational messages are. Fabulous!’
Lee-Ann Baker