An abstract view of an iceberg under a dark sky in an inky black sea.

What lies beneath?

Remember the Titanic, a doomed ship and a tragic love story. The ship undone by a hulking iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean – Jack and Rose, the unwitting victims of the rigid social divide of a 1912 society. Rest in Peace Jack. Nice work on the acting front DiCaprio and Winslet. What a tearjerker […]


A simple life

Hi everyone In a world of increasing noise, distractions and anxiety, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and depleted. This might be the time to pause and reflect on the beauty of nature – timeless, awe-inspiring and powerful as a panacea for the spirit. Look inwards for self-awareness but outwards to experience the calm, peace and […]


The fine art of navel-gazing

Hi everyone In ‘Fleas in a jar’, I wrote about the limits people place on themselves and how this affects their ability to achieve what they want in their lives. These limits might be both real and imagined but can seriously stunt ambition and prevent people achieving their goals. So how do you uncover what […]


Know yourself

Hi everyone Personal success – what is it and how do we attain it? There are as many theories about what creates personal success as there are choices about what to eat for lunch today. Living and working in Wellington City, the choices about what to eat are many and varied. Walking through the city, […]