Hopes and dreams

Hi everyone

We humans have an amazing ability to hope and dream. If we then take action towards these imagined futures, we can see amazing things accomplished.

Nowhere are hopes and dreams better exemplified than in the space industry. Going into the big unknown surely must be a testament to our finest qualities of curiosity and intelligence. So…..you can imagine how excited I am about the space exploration ventures going on around the world. Yes indeed, I’m in geek heaven!

Right here in little old New Zealand, a private company called Rocket Lab successfully launched their ‘Still Testing’ rocket into orbit on Sunday 21 January.

This was a historic first orbital space launch for the little country that could. Go Rocket Lab!

For some reason, watching a rocket take off into space makes me very emotional. I don’t know why but perhaps it represents the very best of us humans, the triumph of hope and perseverance over obstacles. I get the same feeling when I listen to a choir singing in soaring scales and athletes making it to the finishing line after a gruelling marathon.

It shows us in our finest hour, working together, pooling our talents and our minds to reach for the stars. Whenever we are able to do this as a species, we triumph and when we work against each other, we all suffer.

So, I’ll carry on looking upwards, at what is out there and applaud and support anyone who is striving to achieve their dreams by turning hope into reality. Keep imagining like you did as a child, stay curious and enthusiastic about the things we don’t know and life becomes interesting and adventurous.

‘Space is an inspirational concept that allows you to dream big.’ (Peter Diamandis)

Take care, look up and be kind to each other


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