Why small pleasures are a big deal

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“A small pleasure is a great pleasure in waiting.” Alain de Botton

Hi everyone

For most of us life has shrunk considerably over the last six months. Being a homebody, this hasn’t fazed me too much but for those people who love travelling and getting out and about, it’s akin to torture! I feel you.

Instead of focusing on how much we’ve lost, it might be more helpful to see what we can still enjoy, and there’s lots of that for sure. By asking your brain to look for the positive and cheerful, it will spend less time dwelling on the bad news and just plain grim.

Here are a few of the things that keep me cheerful:

1. Watching reruns of Midsomer Murders
2. Newsy and witty messages left on WhatsApp by family and friends
3. That moment just before I open a new book
4. Dry shampoo – one of the best hair care inventions!
5. Staying with hair, spray on hair dye – that self-esteem saviour….
6. Noticing the same birds returning to the backyard every day
7. A cup of hot lemon, honey and ginger first thing in the morning

What are the small pleasures that keep you feeling happy? I hope there are a lot of them.

Take care and be kind to each other

Janine x

P.S. Watch this short video by The School of Life that talks about this topic further. Enjoy!

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