Well hello 2022

Hi everyone

Happy New Year! Hope you are all doing well and easing into a brand new year. Where has the time gone? It seems like only a short while ago we were kicking off 2021 with a cool line-up of plans, goals and aspirations. We were also hoping for a better year than 2020, and in spite of many challenges, I’m sure there have been bright spots and accomplishments that we need to elevate to the front of our minds.

There will also no doubt be a few hard lessons learned over the course of 2021 that once the ouchy has passed, can serve as motivation for new ways of being and doing in 2022.

We achieved a lot at Integro last year and we hope you ticked a few goals off your list too. We’d also like to congratulate you on making it through a year that wasn’t always kind to us humans.

As the new year gets started, it’s helpful to spend some time reflecting on how things have gone throughout the past year. I usually haul out my diary and check back to see what my goals for the year were – did I get some things right and others not? What about you? Did things go the way you planned, or did the year unfold in a completely unexpected way? Yep, that happens….

What’s worked and what hasn’t during the past year? What are the positives, the negatives, things to do more of, less of and stuff to avoid like the plague!

Here are some of the questions I use to get a sense of how the year tracked, but feel free to use ones that work for you:

What specifically has worked well and what not so well and why?
What were the highlights and why?
What was your level of health and wellbeing over the year?
What goals didn’t you achieve and why?
Did you get good support from the people around you?
What would you like to improve on in 2022?

The only purpose of looking back is to learn lessons that can help us move forward. As long as you are honest and kind to yourself and use the answers to craft an aspirational plan for 2022, it’s a worthwhile exercise.

Even better, get yourself a groovy journal and start putting some thoughts down as we move into this brand-new year. Above all else, let 2022 be the year we all try and be more self-compassionate and kind to ourselves and others.

Looking forward to walking alongside you all in 2022!

I wish you good thinking

Janine x

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