We are all in this together

Stormy seas, dark skies, rain and lightening

Hi everyone

Firstly, I hope everyone is doing OK. Sending warm virtual hugs your way with lashings of positive vibes, care, kindness and goodwill.

To be honest, part of me has been reluctant to post anything as this situation has escalated. There didn’t seem any way of writing stuff that wouldn’t come across as empty platitudes and slightly hollow statements. Especially for those who have lost loved ones and have sick people they are worried about.

But this is what I can say.

This is a scary and challenging time for all of us and we need to stay calm – be patient, pragmatic, positive and most importantly, we must pull together. It’s events like the current global health crisis that remind us just how interdependent we are as a global family.

If we can do this, we’ll come out the other side, perhaps shell-shocked, emotionally bruised and fragile but we will get through this.

As New Zealand prepares to go into a lockdown for a month, it has never been more important to steady the ship of your mind, so you are in the best state to navigate these stormy seas.

Keep your head up, keep your heart strong.

Take care and be kind to each other

Janine x

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