We all have wings

Bird flying on the wing clouds and sky

Hi everyone

I was driving along the Kapiti Coast the other day, INXS blasting loudly through the car, windows down, singing badly at the top of my voice.

The sun was shining gloriously, creating one of those perfect Wellington days.

Music is such an emotional anchor isn’t it. It can evoke feelings and memories so vividly. Some songs just make me cry without knowing why. One of the poignant lines from the INXS song, ‘Never tear us apart’ goes like this…I’m sure many of you know it:

‘I told you that we could fly,
‘cause we all have wings, but some of us don’t know why.’

(INXS 1987)

It made me think about how many of us don’t realise how high we can soar, what heights we can achieve if only we made use of our talents and abilities. For many of us our wings are neatly folded behind us gathering dust.

I don’t know what your vision is for 2017, but one of my aspirations is to strive to be led by my heart and intuition more than in the past – to get some lift under my wings.

As someone who is often stricken with ‘analysis paralysis’, this is a worthy goal. Often led by my head, I like to think things through…..a lot! There’s nothing wrong with this approach but the downside is, one can overthink things.

Within all our strengths are the seeds of not so good stuff, if taken too far. Getting in touch with your intuition, your ‘gut’, takes you back to a time when your actions were guided by what felt right and true. If you want to fly, you need lightness under your wings otherwise you’ll never get off the ground!

Let’s make 2017, the year of heart and intuition and use our wings to fly.

Take care and be kind to each other


P.S. Otherwise a good airline like Air New Zealand can get you where you want to go…

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