Trust yourself

Hi everyone

Learning to trust myself more has been an interesting evolution. I wonder how you do with this? Somewhere along the way from being small people to big people, we seem to lose the ability to trust ourselves. As children we instinctively know what we like and need, thank you Mother Nature!

We protest when hungry, cold or uncomfortable. We’re usually confident, brave, get up when we fall down, climb trees, learn new skills, be open and honest about what we feel.

Life seems to act like a fast-flowing river, eroding that authenticity, that belief in ourselves – it dulls us down, dilutes us to a reduced version of ourselves. We trust ourselves less and less and get further away from who we are and what is good for us.

Remember who you were as a child. Get out an old childhood photo of yourself and see the curiosity and optimism in your eyes. Reclaim that enthusiasm, that self-trust that you could do anything – it’s still there, it just needs some polishing up!

Trust yourself. You know what’s best for you. Listen to that voice inside and follow your heart.

Take care and be kind to each other.


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