The Paper Machetes

Hi everyone

One of the many highlights for Integro last year was working alongside Response and Recovery Aotearoa New Zealand (RRANZ)and the National Emergency Management Agency(NEMA) in NZ to support the relaunch of the Response and Recovery Leadership Development Programme.

We were happy warriors working hard to get the programme refreshed and relaunched successfully with a lot of laughs and a great team spirit along the way.

As a business owner, one can feel like a lone wolf at times, but there’s something about a team working well together that can produce impressive results.

When a great team comes together, magic happens.

I was also stoked that my services as a team coach were requested for the face-to-face course! It was such a privilege to support five awesome Response and Recovery leaders as they navigated their way through the activities and scenarios.

I thought my team were pretty cool….and that is said without a hint of bias. At the pre-course dinner, and after some reflection, the team decided to call themselves The Paper Machetes – yep, it’s deep symbolism folks – all about people building layer upon layer of experience as they go through life, or something like that!

We loved this team name!

Big shout out and thanks to the best team a gal could have had – in order from left to right in the first image:

Kerrin Connolly
Matt Alley
Paul le Roux
Marianne Aitken
Aimee McGregor

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