An abstract view of an iceberg under a dark sky in an inky black sea.

What lies beneath?

Remember the Titanic, a doomed ship and a tragic love story. The ship undone by a hulking iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean – Jack and Rose, the unwitting victims of the rigid social divide of a 1912 society. Rest in Peace Jack. Nice work on the acting front DiCaprio and Winslet. What a tearjerker […]


Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean….

Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean – what lies beneath? The interesting thing about us humans is that we are driven to behave in ways that are not immediately obvious to us – the tricky subconscious mind is responsible for influencing about 90% of our behaviour and accessing that part of the mind is not a […]

A bright blue neuron pulsing in a network of blue synapses

What you focus on you get more of…

Hi everyone In the Star Wars movie, The Phantom Menace, Qui-Gonn Jinn says to Anakin: ‘Always remember, your focus determines your reality.’ It’s a slightly corny moment in the movie but the words highlight something that seems to often be true… so well done for the smart writing George Lucas! A person’s focus in certain […]