Self Help

Happy 2019 to you all!

Hi my fellow humans As we welcome 2019, all shiny and new, it’s the perfect opportunity to think about the way we want to live this year. Not everyone is a fan of goal setting and that’s ok, but it really does help to focus your efforts. By crafting some clear goals, you let your […]


Aspirations for 2018

Hi everyone It’s such a great time to start getting in the right mindset for a rocking year! Resolutions are a good start but finding purpose is even better. Let’s spend some time over the next week reflecting on our goals for 2018. Where’s your focus going to be? Perhaps on health, maybe love, fitness, […]


Mindfulness for March

Hi everyone After a busy start to 2017, it’s a good time to push pause and reflect on how things are going. After the resolutions become a bit diluted, it’s an opportunity to just be and focus on what has been easy to do and what doesn’t fit. Let’s keep that which comes naturally and […]