Life lesson

Feeling stuck?

Feeling stuck in a situation whether it be a work, personal or emotional one can be frustrating. Knowing when to stay and when to go, when to hold on and when to let go can be a confusing problem. How do we know when to move on from something?

Shows someone breaking out of a cardboard box with a distant skyline of buildings with a sunset and clouds.

Time to climb out of your box?

Is it time to let go of any tired ways of doing things? Have you felt boxed in by the same old behaviour? Why not try a new approach to life? Introducing freshness and light into the mind can help you find your fire again. Responding to situations in a different way will push pause […]

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Personal Stories

The weary wanderer returns

Hi everyone One of the things I try to avoid is getting into a rut and generally making life too easy for myself. However, this is usually in the realm of work or study and expanding my areas of interest. Firstly, this keeps me on my toes. Secondly, I need to follow my own advice […]

Life lesson

Growth is the only evidence of life

‘Growth is the only evidence of life.’ JH Newman Striving to learn and grow is fun. You always have something to look forward to, no matter what’s going on around you. Be a curious cat and get interested in life, yourself and other people. Read more, ask questions, dig below the surface of things, it’s […]