Being you

Be who you are not who you think you should be and not who people want you to be. Discover the real you inside, before you lost the parts of you that felt not good enough, rejected and hidden from view, disowned and unloved but there. Go find those parts of you and return them […]

Trees lane winding road early morning
Life lesson

Life is an adventure

‘A grand adventure is about to begin.’ – Winnie the Pooh Hi everyone Life is an adventure with all the twists and turns of a good book you can’t put down. This makes for an interesting story. Imagine how boring a book would be with no ups and downs for the main characters, no struggles, […]

Self Help

Hats and masks

Hi everyone Knowing yourself is that first step you take before you can move forward and develop the life skills that help you become a more authentic and balanced individual – someone who can be an asset to society. There is also no end point to this process. It is an ongoing personal adventure that […]