Stay true to your roots

Hi everyone

It helps to remember that we are all travellers on this planet, moving here and there, sometimes staying and sometimes going. To make a new place home, you bend and flex, take in and let go.

The more secure your original roots, the more you’ll thrive in any new environment – like a plant with robust roots, you’ll reach higher and go further. A plant with a good root system also protects it’s environment from erosion.

‘A tree with strong roots laughs at storms.’ (Malay Proverb)

We are merely caretakers of this earth and wherever we go, we take with us the memories and friendships gathered up along the way. To reflect my South African roots, I share these beautiful photos of Rosendal, Muldersdrift and Ixopo in SA, taken by a lovely friend, Jackie Hulme.

Take care and be kind to each other


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