Spring clean your emotions

Hi everyone

I love spring cleaning! Yes, it’s a bit weird isn’t it …..but clearing stuff out and getting rid of things I don’t use, gives me a boost. My friends chuckle at my enthusiasm for organising and sprucing up my home. It seems to open up space for freshness that might otherwise be blocked with clutter.

I find the same to be true when spring cleaning your emotions. It allows more positive feelings to find their way through and gets rid of those that keep you stuck.

Wellness is not just physical health but also emotional health. Most people spend a lot of time getting in shape and trying to be healthy but might neglect their emotional and mental health.

As Spring arrives let’s take stock of our emotions and do a spring clean of those that no longer serve us well.

For example, are you hanging onto feelings of anger or revenge, seething at the thought of an injustice or slight? If you can, try and dilute the anger with insight. Deal with the real hurts honestly and directly and let the others drift away.

Anger is toxic to the body and soul! Find the best way to neutralise it but don’t shove it underground and allow it to grow and fester.

Is that guilt or shame lurking inside? I’ve struggled with guilt from time to time in the past. The feelings were often attached to things I had no control over but for which I felt some responsibility.

It’s a worthwhile exercise to do an honest inventory of these feelings and see which ones are your responsibility and which are not. Use guilt as your own moral compass and self-correct when necessary but don’t assume responsibility for the mistakes or problems of others.

Negative emotions can weigh you down, making you feel tired and drained. They prevent you moving forward with lightness and purpose. Feeling bad can also be a habit for some people that might be comfortable and familiar but robs you of energy and motivation.

Pay heed to your feelings, listen to the messages they are sending. Then get to work and deal with the causes positively and…… let the others go.

This Spring, do a clean out and ditch those self-destructive emotions that have been hanging around, overstaying their welcome. You’ll be surprised how much mental space is opened up for fresh thoughts, new ideas, creativity and curiosity.

Take care and be kind to each other


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