Space to let…

Hi everyone

One of my favourite activities is catching up with good mates. I love the sharing of what’s happening in our lives and the unconditional support and laughs. It’s also marvellous for your sense of well-being. Yep, it turns out hanging with mates releases feel-good hormones that can calm and soothe you big time.

Dining with a girlfriend recently, I was stoked to hear that after a challenging time personally, a corner had been turned and life was blooming. My friend made an interesting observation that after focusing on the problems and behaviours of a significant other for many years, she had decided to let go of trying to control the situation and was feeling better for it. Thus having shifted responsibility back where it belonged …with that person, all sorts of new possibilities have opened up for her.

The positive by-product of this action has been the discovery of lots more ‘space to let’ in her mind now that worry and ruminating have vacated the premises! It’s like a weight has lifted off her and she’s buzzing with enthusiasm for the new year. It was heartening to hear about the exciting plans and opportunities that were unfolding for my friend. Onwards and upwards for her!

If you have a problem or situation in your life that has been occupying a long tenancy in your head, perhaps it’s time to revisit the terms of the lease? While you are obsessively focusing on that issue, person, or relationship, other cool possibilities are squeezed out. When you let go of trying to control situations that are not your responsibility and move on, good things happen.

Sometimes they sort themselves out, sometimes not but in the meantime you have the time and space to think about other things. You can attend a course, take up a hobby, go to a concert, travel and write that book! Life is fleeting so don’t spend it on stuff that drains you and saps your energy and enthusiasm.

Refocus, revive and reclaim what you love and enjoy.

‘What consumes your mind controls your life.’ (Anonymous)

Take care and be kind to each other


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