Personal Responsibility

Looking around our planet right now, it seems as if there is a strong victim mentality running through us like a seam in a rock. Even when people’s circumstances are not that bad in comparison with our ancestors’, they find something to be unhappy about. There is a common mindset of ‘poor me’ that is self-defeating and, worryingly, self-fulfilling.

Are there people who should feel sorry for themselves? Are there individuals who are not equipped with the coping mechanisms required to rise above their particular troubles? Absolutely, and as a society we should be doing everything we can to support them to help themselves. The problem with constant self-pity is that it keeps us powerless. We feel that something outside of our control is running the show. This is not helpful if we want to achieve our full potential, experience mental balance and keep our self-esteem intact.

A mental attitude of toughness in the face of adversity will stand you in much better stead than a victim mentality, which is just plain bad for you. Life doesn’t have it in for you. There aren’t faceless and nameless people out there who are trying to oppress you or make your life difficult. However, on the off-chance that there are, isn’t it better to ignore them and strive to be successful in spite of them?

People often misunderstand the intent of this message. It’s not to deny that hard times come for most people, they do. Random bad luck descends on everyone over the course of their lifetime. The point is that succumbing to these misfortunes and crumbling in a heap will not make you feel better or allow you to prevail over the slings and arrows. The best revenge against rotten luck is to strive to be successful and happy in spite of it!

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