Launch of our Integro Values

Hi everyone

We are pleased as punch to share our new INTEGRO VALUES. It was our goal for early 2021 to launch these, and here we are!

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together….

To mark this auspicious occasion, a wee COMPETITION if we may. We’d like to invite you to reflect on which of the VALUES resonates with you the most, and why.

The best explanation from each of our social media platforms will win a complimentary 1-hour Zoom coaching session with yours truly. This can be for yourself or another nominated person. I know! How cool is that.

If the VALUES don’t pop for you, that’s all good. We would still love to hear your thoughts.

Here are the VALUES and their statements:

We value critical thinking and commit to being fiercely honest in our quest to understand ourselves and our fellow humans.

We strive to seek out knowledge and stay interested in the world around us.

We acknowledge that we are not always right, and pledge to be responsive and open to other people’s ideas and opinions.

We champion a strength of mind that faces adversity and challenges with a resilient and brave spirit.

Take care and be kind to each other

Janine x

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