Happy 2019 to you all!

Hi my fellow humans

As we welcome 2019, all shiny and new, it’s the perfect opportunity to think about the way we want to live this year.

Not everyone is a fan of goal setting and that’s ok, but it really does help to focus your efforts. By crafting some clear goals, you let your subconscious know that your aspirations are important to you. (It also gives you something to do with your time instead of watching Netflix….just saying..)

Here are three goal setting tips that might or might not be helpful:

1. Keep your list short

Spend time thinking about the most important things you’d like to achieve in 2019. A to do list of 20 goals might feel virtuous but you’ll feel like a failure when you don’t achieve them all. Too many goals are also hard to remember and take up space on a vision board!

2. Match your goals with your values

Think carefully about who you are as a person and what is important to you. Goals should resonate with your beliefs and your desired lifestyle. For example, setting a goal to make lots of money might make you rub your hands with glee like Scrooge, but does it align with your deeper values? More significantly, will it make you happy?

3. Be a practical dreamer

This might seem to be contradictory but it’s important to dream big while also being pragmatic about what you can accomplish. It means that you should shoot for the stars but have a clear plan of how you are going to get there – otherwise it’s just wishful thinking.

For example, if my goal is to go to space, here’s a sensible plan (not):

Phone Elon Musk and request a place on first commercial space flight.

Phone Richard Branson and request a place on first commercial space flight.

Phone Jeff Bezos and request a place…….

You get the picture! Be practical and realistic, with a plan that will actually work. This means being honest with yourself about what you can achieve and how much energy you are prepared to expend.

Watch this space (excuse the pun) for any developments on my dream to go to the stars.

So, those are a few tips to use when setting your goals. What’s on your shortlist this year?

Take care and be your best self

Janine x

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