Give it a few days

Hi everyone

I’m a gal that likes to get things done, so a lesson that’s taken me a long time to learn is…… every now and then it pays to give things time to simmer. Being a doer and an enthusiast, sometimes I leap ahead with something without giving it a bit of breathing space. I’m full of ideas, plans and ways of making stuff happen. This is usually a good thing!

But from time to time, the best way of approaching a problem is to let it lie, to do nothing. I’m breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it…..

The funny thing is, it really does work. Not for all situations, but for certain ones it allows time to pass and your subconscious to get to work, and that’s valuable for clear decision-making.

I’ve also discovered that a lot of things I worry about tend to correct themselves without any action from me, which has been an interesting process to observe. For example, I might have had some poor communication with a friend and it bugs me. Instead of leaping onto the phone to try and sort it out, or force the problem to resolve itself, I give it a few days.

Sometimes, the friend might approach me, or I see the situation differently and it’s no big deal after all. Giving myself a few days to mull it over changes my perspective and the problem rights itself without any direct input from me. It’s not easy to do if you are a take charge kind of person but it’s helped me to chill a bit and reduce the pressure to act.

When in doubt about what is the best course of action: wait, think and then wait some more, think some more, then act!

Take care and be kind to each other


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