Don’t go to a dry well

Hi everyone

Pouring myself a glass of water this morning, I reflected on how much we take this simple act for granted. Having fresh, clean water on tap is something developed countries enjoy.

However, in many parts of the world today, people still get their water from wells and rivers. If these run dry, the local population could be in big trouble!

The life-giving properties of water are one of the reasons why our cities and towns sprung up around water sources. When the wells and rivers run dry, life becomes difficult and people are forced to move to places where they can access water.

If anyone finds themselves stranded in a desert, the first thing they do is search for water and hope they packed sunscreen! We instinctively know what we need to survive physically and are driven to seek that which sustains us.

But where do we go to receive another kind of sustenance, the emotional type? What we shouldn’t do is go to a dry well, to people and places that might not be capable of giving us what we need emotionally.

Are you going to a dry well? Do you keep trying to get people or things to meet your needs when they might not be capable of it? Perhaps people just can’t, as they might not have it in them. The things might seem important but have you thought about what gives you a sense of purpose?

It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them or you for needing certain things to keep you happy. Perhaps you stay in a job that leaves you feeling hollow inside because you are afraid to leave and look for something that might be more rewarding and fulfilling.

This trend follows the ‘better the devil you know than don’t know’ path. That fear can keep you stuck in an arid emotional environment that doesn’t feed any of your needs. Eventually your hopes and dreams settle to the bottom like so much sediment in a cup.

It’s more helpful to seek out that which is able to sustain you, than to keep going back to an empty well, peering in and shouting, why is there no water in there!

‘We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.’ (Thomas Fuller)

Take care and be kind to each other


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