Doing good

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As many of you know, it takes a village to raise a good set of professional development products. Ain’t that the truth! It’s a team effort that can be intense, and the success of the endeavour relies on everyone rowing in the same direction!

So, I was stoked to work with a great team recently who did just that, developing a range of learning modules and resources to enable the launch of an important Governance Resource Centre.

The Centre is supported by Perpetual Guardian working with the Institute of Directors in New Zealand and it provides training, tools and resources for charitable entities and not-for-profits.

The purpose of the Resource Centre is to provide guidance, knowledge, and professional development for leaders of charitable organisations and communities.

The charitable sector makes a significant contribution to New Zealand, and charities operate to help others, often by addressing unmet needs in our society. It was brilliant to be part of this project for those reasons.

A big shout out to:

Sophi Rose, Steven Moe, Agata Oleksiak, Matthew Steele, Rachel Swift, Georgia Oosthuizen and…I’ve probably forgotten someone, sorry!

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