A black and white shadow facing each other and touching hands together

The Shadow

To cease seeing only the shadow in others, invite your own shadow back into yourself. Embrace and accept all your qualities even while smoothing them out. Disowning things you don’t like about yourself, projects them onto others. It happens.

A wooden dock and boat with a lone pair of sandals. Over the sea at sunset.

Looking back on 2019

So 2019 whizzed by at lightning speed didn’t it! It was an interesting and challenging year for many people with a a fair bit of up hill down dale motion. It feels like only yesterday I was thinking about my goals for 2019 and here we are charting our course for 2020. A lot has happened, some of it positive, some a bit meh and whatever for most of us I’m sure.


Who doesn’t put off things from time to time?

I certainly do….. like most of us. It was the poet Edward Young who said in the 18th century, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” I say true dat Edward! The good news is that everyone procrastinates, except maybe The Rock, that dude never met a goal he couldn’t achieve. If you’re looking for a […]

Shows someone breaking out of a cardboard box with a distant skyline of buildings with a sunset and clouds.

Time to climb out of your box?

Is it time to let go of any tired ways of doing things? Have you felt boxed in by the same old behaviour? Why not try a new approach to life? Introducing freshness and light into the mind can help you find your fire again. Responding to situations in a different way will push pause […]



Autopilot is groovy when you’re long haul flying but not so much when you’re navigating new and interesting terrains. You also have to be fully present and conscious if personal growth is your goal.


Wondrous Winter

Approached positively, winter is the best time for thinking, planning and spinning good stories. Once it has moved on, you can spread your wings and fly, buoyed by the dreams and aspirations nurtured in winter’s cold embrace.