Panoramic view of the Earth, sun, star and galaxy. Sunrise over planet Earth, view from space. Elements of this image furnished by NASA


When feeling lost in uncertainty about this life and this strange earth Return once more to awe and wonder at where we stand On this hard rock and in mysterious dark space We are here now.

masks with text in sky with clouds


Yes, they work for a while, covering up the real you, but not forever. When they do come off, there’s vulnerability and thin skin due to lack of light, sunshine and fresh air. This is ok and only temporary because what lies in the shadows doesn’t grow and thrive but atrophies. Take your masks off […]

Flock of birds flying in formation


We become like those around us. It happens, it’s a thing, because we want to fit in, be accepted, belong. Look around you and think on this wisely. Are you being lifted up or brought down? No blame, no judgement, only clarity.

Masks of faces repeated in clouds

Mirror mirror on the wall

What we see in others is often what we can’t see in self. Like mirrors, out there in the world, reflecting the parts we feel are unacceptable and surely not us. When you begin to accept all those aspects of yourself you don’t like, watch how the image of people starts to shift, and you […]

The word mindfulness written in light sand and a pair of human footprints


To soften is hard To climb high dig deep To stay open don’t shut down To succeed sometimes you must fail. (Janine Scott)



Softly ask yourself how things are going Peacefully reflect on progress so far Calmly decide where to from here Adjust your course and go And keep going On. (Janine Scott)