Personal Responsibility

Looking around our planet right now, it seems as if there is a strong victim mentality running through us like a seam in a rock. Even when people’s circumstances are not that bad in comparison with our ancestors’, they find something to be unhappy about. There is a common mindset of ‘poor me’ that is […]

On the wings of freedom

Be your best self

We don’t have control over everything that occurs in our lives, but the most unhelpful response is to allow ourselves to be disempowered by the vagaries of life. We are more than the sum of the events we have experienced, both good and bad. Deciding to take responsibility for our lives means we have grown […]

Stormy seas, dark skies, rain and lightening

We are all in this together

This is a scary and challenging time for all of us and we need to stay calm – be patient, pragmatic, positive and most importantly, we must pull together. It’s events like the current global health crisis that remind us just how interdependent we are as a global family.


Be a warrior

If your life is not how it should be, strive to not blame others for every time this happens, it takes away your power. If you’ve been wronged, and life has not been fair make those who’ve come before you proud. Be a warrior, not a victim.


Good vibes only

Hi everyone As the working week draws to a close for most of us, let’s commit to good vibes this weekend. Spread love, gratitude and perhaps even inspire someone with thoughtful words or actions. Enjoy the little things and don’t forget that you create your own opportunities. They are waiting for you, so embrace them […]

close up of purple heather wildflowers


If at first you don’t get there, try try try again. Even if you have tried something ten times and it hasn’t worked, today is a new day and a chance to do it differently. Don’t be disheartened by setbacks, yes they can be frustrating, but each time you give it a go, you learn […]


Every little thing gonna be alright

Bob Marley sang this in a way that made us believe it could be true. Granted he may have been high at the time but the message endures. When you are going through challenging times, it might help to think that everything will be ok in the end. Not right now perhaps and not to […]