Ain’t no mountain high enough

‘Obstacles cannot bend me. Every obstacle yields to effort.’ (Leonardo da Vinci)

Hi everyone

In Greek mythology, there was a dude called Sisyphus who was the king of Ephyra. He got on the wrong side of Zeus for being deceitful and full of himself. Up to his eyeballs, Zeus punished Sisyphus by forcing him to roll a hefty boulder up a hill. But it didn’t end there….

On reaching the top of the hill, the boulder would roll back down again and Sisyphus would have to repeat this action, over and over again, for eternity. What a drag for Sisyphus! This is where the term ‘Sisyphean’ comes from, describing difficult and futile tasks that have no end.

Sometimes life can seem that way, pushing against obstacles that stand in the way of success. On getting around one, another seems to pop up in our path. Often, we can feel like poor Sisyphus, pushing a heavy weight uphill only to have it roll back down to the bottom.

There will always be obstacles in life, that’s a given. The point is, if you’re standing still, you’re probably not going to bump into anything. Moving forward almost guarantees that you are going to come up against things in your way. The key is not to get despondent but see it as validation that you’re forging ahead.

It’s a sign you’re making progress so celebrate it!

Keep focused on your goals and try not to be put off by problems that show up. Things can get hard and it may seem like there are mountains you have to climb – but mountains can be interesting and spectacular, even majestic and awe-inspiring.

Enjoy the view along the way. Be curious about the journey. Only by persevering can you get where you want to go but make sure it’s fun and rewarding.

Take care and be kind to each other


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